Health Care Agent (HCA)

First Fiduciary Corporation Twin Cities MN
When is a Health Care Agent Needed?

A Health Care Agent is a person, or persons, designated to make medical decisions on behalf of another individual if that person becomes incapacitated. A Health Care Directive (HCD) is a document that is used to provide direction to the Health Care Agent regarding the person’s wishes for medical treatment and other aspects of medical care, should the individual be unable to make those decisions on their own. The Health Care Agent must follow the advanced directives laid out in the HCD or otherwise act in the individual’s best interest when their wishes are not known.

Why First Fiduciary Corporation as Health Care Agent?

First Fiduciary Corporation was the first professional fiduciary in Minnesota, founded in 1969. We have nearly 50 years of experience and have built a reputation as a trusted leader in the field of care management. Our employees are held to the highest ethical and professional standards, and are amongst the most highly trained and experienced professionals working today. We have become a leader in all facets of care management and have forged long-term relationships within the legal, social services and medical community.

When named as Health Care Agent, First Fiduciary will assign a Care Manager who will meet with the client regularly to discuss their health care, and discuss their wishes regarding medical care in the future. The Care Manager is also available to assist in coordinating care, attending appointments, and may assist in medical and housing decisions.

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